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The JEAN-PIERRE DUPUY EDITIONS division specialises in publishing original musical works. This structure allows us to offer composers the opportunity to see their work published, and subsequently disseminated to circuits specialising in the music of our day.

The works are selected by a commission led by Jean-Pierre Dupuy on the basis of originality and the solid treatment of specific aesthetic options: graphic expression, unusual formats, in tandem with their involvement in the questions of contemporary music posed by mixed music (electro-acoustic), multimedia and musical theatre.

Apart from its desire to offer greater visibility to the works of today, JEAN-PIERRE DUPUY EDITIONS has given itself the mission of establishing a collection of works that are of educational value, that respond to a need. To meet this need, we often commission interested composers who are skilled in this special field of musical creation. The works are regularly offered to music schools the world over. The people in charge of this collection work in close collaboration with l’Atelier Permanent d’Interprétation Musicale.

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